Filax Transfer Switch

Filax: the ultra-fast transfer switch
The Filax has been designed to switch sensitive loads, such as computers or modern entertainment equipment from one AC source to another. The priority source typically is the mains, a generator or shore power. The alternate source typically is an inverter. With its switching time of less than 20 milliseconds, sensitive loads will continue to operate without disruption. The Filax is not intended to supply high power household equipment like washing machines or electric motors

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The Filax is an open transition (break before make) transfer switch. The maximum load transfer time is 16ms. The load is normally supplied by the priority source, and is transferred to the alternate source;
If •the voltage of the priority source drops below the threshold value. •
If the frequency of the priority source drops below the low frequency threshold value.
If the frequency increases beyond the high frequency threshold value.

Reverse transfer from the alternate source to the priority source is initiated when the priority source has operated within the voltage and frequency reverse switching limits dfor a period of 30 seconds.

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