Koltec Energiser Powergard (Battery)

A handy and powerful fence energiser for smaller areas, with more difficult animals to keep fenced like sheep and Shetland ponies. It automatically increases the voltage when the voltage on the fence goes below 4000 Volts as a result of touching grass or weeds. It switches back to its normal economical operation as soon as the load is normal again. Any growth of grass or weeds touching the fence will result in it being scorched, while the energy consumption remains low.

The built-in battery protector protects the battery from discharge below the critical voltage.

Description Value
Package unit 1
Supply (Volt) 12VDC
Peak Power (Volt) 8500V
Volts at 500 Ohm 3200V
Battery Saver Yes
Stored Energy (Joules) 2
Impulse Energy Max. (Joules) 1.5
Theoretical Application Length (CEE) 85Km
Application Length Without Vegetation 5Km
Application Length With Vegetation 1.5Km
Digital Display No


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