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Vehicle Power Kits provide 230V AC power for times when grid power is not available. Ideal for situations where power tools or appliances are needed in remote areas or when a heavy generator is too large and cumbersome to transport. The kits can be used for fitting out caravans, mobile homes, trucks, vans, boats and anywhere that “On-the-Move-Power” is required.

Every application is going to be different, which is why we recommend that you contact us for the best solution to a system that does what you want and meets your budgetary requirements. If you want to plug in a television or a welder or anything in between then we have the system for you.

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Not only do we supply the best quality products, but we also offer an installation service for these products saving you the hassle of doing it yourself or finding someone to do it for you.

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The Battery Combiner is used to keep the engine battery and the Vehicle Power Kit battery separate, but at the same time allows both batteries to be charged from a single engine alternator. Unlike a standard vehicle engine battery, the Deep Cycle Battery is specifically designed to be cycled many times without causing damage to the battery. If the standard engine battery was used with an inverter it would drastically shorten the batteries’ life; this is why we recommend the use of a separate battery for use with the inverter.

The Inverter inverts the DC voltage in the battery to AC voltage for use with standard 230VAC tools and appliances which can be plugged in and be ready for immediate use.

The components on offer in the kits are certified to international standards for installation in mobile and vehicle applications. Kits can be installed by any DIY enthusiast but it is recommended that instruction manuals are adhered to and that local installation regulations are consulted before installing any mobile power components.

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